What Is Optimum Keyword Density For A Web Page For Good Ranking

If you have discussed or searched about on page Search engine optimization (SEO) for your own website, then you must have heard about keyword density (KD). Keyword density (KD) refers to number of times a particular keyword appears in a web page as comparing the total number number of words on a web page. It is one of main important factors that directly influence the ranking of website in search engine result page.

Keyword Density For SEO, What Is It?

Keyword density refers to the percentage of targeted or particular keyword against all other words on a page. the simplest way to measure KD is to divide particular keyword by total number of words and then multiplying it with 100. you can understand this formula as following.

(Number of keywords/Total number of words)*100

In other words if you have total number of words on you web page 100 and your keyword is appeared there 3 times, then your KD is 3% or 3 percent.

Ideal Density Recommended By Google:

If someone thinks that using key words again and again will bring my site in top of search engine result page, its wrong and totally wrong idea at all. Always use keywords in natural way, keeping in mind that you are writing your content for people and not for search engine. There is no any exact idea of keyword percentage for ranking better in search engine, but it is mostly heard that 1-3% KD is ideal for a page.

How Ranking Is Affected By This:

Using keywords in natural way keeping percentage in mind while writing a post or article is good way to write a content. That is by which a person can get advantage from keywords. Even KD has less value then site authority and site quality but KD has still its own importance. using keywords many times in a post or page is to make crawlers understand better that what the page is about and against which search term it has to b displayed in SERP and at what position.

But if keywords are used again and again and many times in same post and KD is higher then it can degrade you ranking in SERP and, your site can be marked as spam in the views of search engines by stuffing keywords in it.

The most important places, where keywords should be placed are as following:

  • Title of post
  • Headings
  • In first paragraph
  • In last paragraph
  • In URL or Permalink
  • In hyperlinks

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