What is a Blog?

A blog is basically a special type of website with some very unique features.  Unlike the original blogs of the 1990′s which were primarily the equivalent of an online personal diary, today blogs are being used for a wide variety of  applications.

  • Companies use blogs
    • to communicate and interact with their customers and their staff
    • as an advertising tool
    • as a point for actual online sales
  • Newspapers have added blogs to their main website
    • offering a channels for their writers to communicate quickly with their readership
  • Politicians create blogs
    • for election campaigns
    • for keeping their constituents informed
  • Individuals create blogs
    • to share with the world their passionate hobby or their expertise on specific topics
    • to create a source of income

Some of a blog’s features that make it different from other types of websites  are:

  • content is easily and quickly added to the site
  • content is very easily organized by the blogging software
  • content is published in chronological or reverse chronological fashion
  • content is updated regularly – often daily or even several times per day
  • content can be added by several different people as needed
  • Interaction with the readers is often provided through the use of comments
  • No programming skills needed
  • Blogs are very search engine friendly
  • Different bloggers (blog authors) can interact with each other using trackbacks and pingbacks
  • Links about new content are distributed using RSS feeds

In the early 2000′s blogging software was developed which allowing blogging to become a templated platform for bloggers to communicate and interact with other interested individuals. To make a blog now is as easy as creating a name for your blog, choosing a format and a few colors and then beginning to write. Unlike website creation, there is no need for you to learn the technical issues like html writing – the software does it all for you.  This leaves you free to do the writing.  If you can write concise clear messages in areas such as email, then you have the skills needed to write a blog.

Select a topic you are really interested and passionate about. Then put your best effort into writing about it. If you really enjoy what you are writing about, your blog visitors will sense this, and be more apt to return on a regular basis. Also keep in mind that posting regularly to a blog can get very tiresome and boring if you are not really enthusiastic about the subject material. Remember too, you do NOT have to be an expert in the field either.

Buy a domain name for your blog. This costs very little and is a definite benefit as it helps to create a more professional image. Pick a name that is related to your subject material. This helps people identify with you, and also makes it easier for them to remember.  Take a little time visiting the blog template websites – pick a template that fits your style and content. Then, before you start writing, take a short time to organize your thoughts into categories.  This will guide you as you set your blog up.  Lastly, as you open your blog for the first time, use one of the many checklists available on the internet to insure that you cover the very few basics to make help make your blogging experience easier.

Most important of, have fun with your blog!

Happy Blogging!

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