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How A Top Blogger Can Get 200k Unique Visitors Per Day ?

Full time professional blogger Darren Rowse from Problogger.net has almost 400,000 visitors per day! Hong Kiat from hongkiat.com and John Chow from JohnChow.com has closed to 200,000 unique visitors per day! How these top bloggers do it? You won’t believe me if I told you how they get their traffic!

How A Top Blogger Can Get 200k Unique Visitors Per Day ?
Darren Rowse from Problogger.net

The secret behind blog traffic…

Just sit tight and be prepared, what I am going to tell you is huge, if you take this lightly, I guarantee you will fail! Without this step, you are just another blogger, no more no less.

Secret #1 – Join the communities and make friends with other bloggers.You need to make friends with a lot of bloggers to e successful, each of them including yourself will be other’s “salesman” to promote their blogs! When I tell you those professional bloggers are sharing the **SAME** traffic, don’t be surprise, this is very true. You help other bloggers to promote their blog, and they will do the same for you.

Secret #2 – You must get the basic traffic – at least 100 visitors per day to start!Don’t dream about 200,000 visitors in few months time, it takes 1 or 2 years to reach that level, When you first starting up…After that, you can have multiple blogs and grow your traffic faster with your first blog’s resources – Friendship and experience.

Build up your basic traffic with consistent quality post, the very basic traffic will come from Increasing Blog Traffic – 18 Powerful Strategies:

  1. Forum
  2. Articles
  3. Blog directories
  4. Bookmarking sites
  5. And many more…

Secret #3 – Create Good Content.You must put time, effort and passion into creating godd content, if you are passionate about your post, you can attract your reader and they will follow you from day 1! Consistent is the key to increase your blog traffic, remember CONSISTENCY is the king!

Secret #4 – Do It Until You See The Result!You won’t see result for the first few months, and if you don’t give up doing it, you will see some great result after 3 months! You traffic will begin to jump fast! You need to build up the momentum of the traffic, and the only way to do that is you do it until you see the result, if you gave up half way, no one can help you…

Just be patient, you can make money from a blog very soon, just do it and IMPROVE what you are doing from experience, as long as you see a bit of progress, don’t give up… We will support you!

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