How To Setup Custome Domain To Blogger With Namecheap

As we all know that blogger is a free blogging service provided by king of internet google. It is hosted on google’s servers and they cost nothing for it. Even a free domain name containing a extention of blogspot ( ) is free of charge provided to every blogger. So even if blogger want to remove .blogspot from its blog’s URL then he/she can purchase a custome domain from any domain registrar companey and can set it for blogger blog website.

Namecheap is one of biggest domain registrar companey in this world having millions of its customers and serving them reliable services. In this post I am going to tell you about, How you can setup a custom domain name to blogger blog purchased from namecheap with the help of images. You have to follow these following simple steps.
1). Go to and select your desired blog from blogs list.

2). then click on settings and select basics (the first option in settings).

3). Now you will see a publishing section containing your old domain and a link “+set up third-party URL for your blog“. Click this link.

Setting up custom domain
4). Third party domain settings are open now. Insert your custom domain name (.com, .net, .org, .cc, .co or whatever you have purchased) in front of http:// field and click on save.
Getting Host Records From Blog
5). Now page will refresh and will show an error “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain.“, and you will be provided with two CNames and will be asked to enter them to your domain DNS HOST RECORDS.
Host Records For Namecheap
6). Now go to your namecheap account, go to Domain List, select your desired domain, go to Advance DNS Settings, HOST RECORDS and click on ADD NEW RECORD.
Adding records in advance DNS host records
7). Create 3 new records.
  • URL Redirect with Host @ to redirect non-www version to www version of your domain, and enter you domain with www in Value field.
  • A CName with Host www and enter there the Value “”.
  • One more CName record with Host and Value provided by error in blogger domain setting page. It is different for every blog.

And remove/delete all oter records.

Your New records
8). Have you entered all three records,,? then click SAVE ALL CHANGES. And Now you have done all with your domain.

9). Now final step is that go back to your blogger accout and hit Save buttin again. it will save setting suddenly. If not, then do not worry and do not alter your namechesp setting. Just reenter your domain in blogger after an hour and see your custome domain is accepted for your blogger and old domain will be redirected to your new one.

Saving new custom domain for blogger
Its all done now you can use your blog with custom donain. If you found this tutorial helpful, then give your feedback in comments.

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