How To Set up a Custom Domain Name To Blogger With GoDaddy

As is one of most reliable and famous domain name registrars and hosting provider company which have millions of its users all around the world. So setting a custom domain name for blogger blog with GoDaddy is not bad idea.

So in this post I am going to tell you all about that how you can setup a custom domain name from Godaddy to blogger with the help of images. So… here we start.

1). Login to you GoDaddy account.
2). Go to domains and click on manage.
3). Now go to domain name you want to assign for blogger and click on DNS Zone File.

Setting GoDaddy domain to blogger blog

4). Now Under the head A(Host) create four new records with host value @ and Point to following four lines.


5). Now go to, go to your desired blog, go to Settings > Basic and click on +add a custom domain.

Adding Custom Domain To Blogger Setting

6). When you enter domain and save, you will see an error and will get two CName(Alias) record as shown below.
7). Next step is that under the head CName(Alias) create two new records, where first record will get the Host value as www and value of Point To. But second record is different  for each and every blog. Add it too CName too and save settings. Settings will look line as in following picture.

settings for custom domain for blogger

8). Now finally go back to blogger and put your custom domain in settings with www version and hit save.

You have all done.

Hope you will find this tutorial helpful and informative. So don’t forget to give your feedback in comments.

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