How to find the best domain name for your website

You might be planning to start  your website or a blog.The first thing that you will obviously need for your website is a good domain name. A Domain name is your chosen name for your online presence including your website and email.Your domain name will represent you and your business online.therefore you must be very careful of choosing your domain.A bad domain name can harm your website or blog.In this article i will share some useful tips which must be considered before buying a domain name.

How to find the best domain name for your website


What use will the site have

The first thing you should consider while selecting your domain is that what is the use of your website?Are you going to build a personal blog where you share your thoughts and experiences or you are planning to build a business website.If you want to start a personal blog then the best domain name would be your first name or last name and if you looking to build a business website then you should choose a professional name instead of using your first name or last name.


Choose shorter domain name

A shorter domain name is generally a better  name.there are many reasons behind this.
    • fewer keystrokes are less effort
    • shorter domain is generally more memorable.
    • shorter domain is quicker to say and spell.
    • short domain allows the font size to be more bigger
      keep these points in your mind before choosing your domain.


      Make it memorable

      make our domain name memorable so that people can easily remember your domain when they see your domain name on billboard,print media or anywhere this is another useful tip for you.make your domain name that people can easily remember when they see it.


      Easy to say and spell

      A good domain name should be easy to say and spell.Most of the people don’t care this.they don’t think how their domain name is easy to say and spell.A domain name must be easy to say and spell so that people can easily say your domain and they find it easy to when you select a domain name for your website,first say say it loudly by yourself or tell your friend to do so.Can you or your friend say it easily and able to spell it without any difficulty. If yes then select it otherwise choose another one.


      Register misspelling also

      well this is another most important thing you must be considered while you choose your domain should try to get the domain that cannot be misspelled but if this happened then don’t forget to register misspelling also.for instance if you write google or gogle or gogel,you will find same result.


      Avoid slangs and hyphens

      Slangs can create confusion for your visitors.You will receive global visitors on your blog. If you use words like” wanna” ur” etc, global visitors who do not know English very well, will not be able to understand it.this will create confusion for them. Hyphens are also not good for your domain because hyphens lose traffic to the non-hyphenated domain. moreover hyphens are harder to remember.


      To use keywords in domain or not

      There are a few benefits of having keywords in domain name and it can have a positive impact on ranking but it can also lead to negative ranking due to the some recent changes made by google.Therefore you must be careful of using the keywords in your domain .Include keywords in your domain if it is natural.


      Which extension to use

      Always go for .com extension because .com is king.if you can’t find .com domain then you can use .net also because it is closer to .com.the other extension .org is used for non-profit association.Avoid purchasing low quality TLD like .biz,.info etc.
      These are some important tips for you which will help you to find a good domain for your website.If you like this article then join our newsletter to get the latest news and updates.

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