How-to Drive lot of Traffic To Your Website oR Blog

How-to Drive lot of Traffic To Your Website oR Blog

It’s very easy to Create a webSite now-a-days, because everyone is familiar with the internet and website creating and designing, all this credits goes to the Google, youtube and Social media.
But Getting a high traffic to a website is always a big problem for every bigginer all the time. Seo tips are very important which Google and other search engines are providing to people, but here are some more important tips which will help you to get your website at the top in Google and other search engines..

You must have to wait for the traffic to get to your site, I mean there is no shortcut of getting traffic to your website. All those people who say that they will provide you high rate of traffic to your website are using bots(automated IP changers) and they will access your website by different IPs so you’ll think that you’re getting massive traffic.but nobody clicks your adsense or advertisements, it means no revenue for your site, also search engine sometimes decrease your rank for this..

Follow the Steps I have explained below and you will see the difference.

1-Building Links:

Link building is the always essential tip for all the webmasters to get Google’s trust to your website, more links more trust. So make some Back links to your website, which will have two advantages,
boost your websites traffic

1) Google ranking and high Page Rank.
2) It will get some Referral Traffic to your website and will boost your Alexa rank.

But one thing you have to keep in your mind is that, you have to make backlinks manually because Google is Blocking those websites which are using Automated Backlinks.

Now the Question arises .. How to Make Backlinks?
1.1) Comments with backlinks:
To create Backlinks by comments, you have to go to the Google search and search for the same niche of your website. After searching those sites you have to post comments with your links to get some Backlinks. always do comments in this format : <a href=””> website’s name </a>

1.2) Guest Posts oR Articles:
Guest post is the best method to get back-links to your website, which will help you to get massive traffic.for this You have to make a deal with any same niche(high rank) website and post some articles on other websites, but you have to write 100% original and Copyscape prove and you can use only one-or two backlinks to your site in each article(or whatever your deal is).

1.3) Forum Posts:
Forums is the one of the best option to get some backlinks to your blog or website.  Go to forums and sign up, Post some contents for them and then you will be allowed to post some backlinks for your website on there forums.
Note: Only use Signature links to your website and never spam,or they will ban your IP to there Forums.

link exchange increase traffic
1.4) Exchange Links / Reciprocal links:
Link Exchange isn’t a really good method but still it works, to make community of same niche writers and webmasters. It will also act like you are posting each other’s website’s ads to your website.

2-Social Media Facebook, Google+, twitter:

To get a Start you need a small amount of Traffic To your website, Social Media also plays an important role in getting massive traffic to your website. Social Media like Facebook, twitter, stumble upon, YouTube and Google Plus will give you extra benefits beside Search engines traffic. Now-a-days everyone use Facebook, twitter and Google plus and they can help you to promote your website to the users around the world and Also you can get targeted traffic to your website.

3-Press Releases:

To promote your blog around the world, you have to release some Press release  for your website , so that people around the world can see your blogs updates.

4-Submit Sitemaps:

Sitemap, by it’s name we can recognize it. Sitemap guides search engines about the content you have in your website and also reports daily updates, so search engines can index it on their search results. So Submit your website’s sitemaps to the Google bing, and other yahoo.

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