Guide to Blogging - How to Manage Blogs in a SEO Wise Way

Guide to Blogging – How to Manage Blogs in a SEO Wise Way

Every blogger should understand the meaning of these features:Title – feature label your postBody – the content of every postTrackback – this feature tells your blog every time another blog “mentions” your blogPermanent link (or permalink) – unique URL that every post is getting Comments – feature which allows readers to post comments on your blog.

Basically all of these features give you not only a possibility to publish materials, but also help you to get good positions in search engines.

Guide to Blogging - How to Manage Blogs in a SEO Wise Way
Guide to Blogging – How to Manage Blogs in a SEO Wise Way (Image : Linear Design)

For example, you want to see your blog on good positions in search engines for a specific keyword.

You must make sure that:
You use this keyword in the post title, because this title will be indexed by special robots of search engines and the keyword in post title will “tell” search engine that this post is about this very topic;

Using the keyword in the post title will also automatically create a permalink of your post. You can choose the settings of building permalink to be formed like this:

By doing this you will also get a keyword from the title into the URL of this post. This is extra advantage, because search engines pay attention to the keywords in URLs as well, and this will work as extra score for the post to have relevance to the topic that you are fighting for.

By allowing people to post comments on your blog, you open a possibility to grow each page of your blog with extra content. Comment – even if it is just about 2-3 sentences – is still a text and content. Plus it was noticed that usually people, when commenting to some issue, are using the words relevant to this topic. This means your posts can grow with unique and relevant content.

Just make sure that you have special plugins that kill spam comments, because today some people are using spam comments to promote their sites in a “black hat” way. (Read :Black Hat SEO – What Never To Do Or Get Banned )

As you can see almost every feature in the blog gives you a chance to get extra scores in the eyes of search engines. Do that and very soon you will see your blog on good positions for your keywords and this will send targeted traffic to your sites.

Happy Blogging.

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