Copy Or Export All Blogger Blog Posts To Another Blogger

In this post I am going to tell you that how you can copy all posts from one blogger blog to another blogger blog, or in other words how you can export one source blogger blog file and export it in destination or other blogger blog with some simple steps.

Blogger blogs are pre-hosted on google’s own servers and they do not allow us to access there database. But one plus in blogger is that we can download backup file from blogger blog that can be used to exporting all blog posts to other destination blogs. Downloading a backup file from blog is called exporting that blog, and uploading that same file to another blog is called importing a blog.
One thing that we should keep in mind is that in this pocess all posts pages and even comments too. And if you want that some posts should not be exported then delete them before you download blog.
So following are some simple steps by which you can copy all posts from one blogger blog to another. so these steps are as follows.
1). Login to your blogger account and and click on the source blog from which you want to copy all posts.

Select blog to copy all posts or to import

2). One left side of screen click on Settings and then Other.

Go to settings and select export content

3). The first heading is Import & back up, under this you will see two buttons, first Import content and second Back up content. just click on Back up content.

Backup content or download complete blog

4). A small pop up box with the button Save to your computer will appear. Click on Save to your computer. And a file will be downloaded and that is your back up file which contain all your posts, pages and comments.

5). Now go to your destination blog and go to Settings >> Other and under the import and backup head click on Import content.

6). A box will appear with a button Import from computer, click on it. And now you will be asked to browse your computer to select that backup file, select that file and upload it to copy all posts, pages and comments.

Its all done. You can see that all the source blog data is being copied to destination blog data. Have any further question in your mind ask in comments.

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