5 WordPress Web Hosting Options for Bloggers

5 WordPress Web Hosting Options for Bloggers

When it comes to hosting a WordPress site, reliability and speed tend to be the main factors of importance. There are a tonne of web hosting companies out there, but if you have any experience in wordPress web hosting,you will already know that some web hosts provide terrible service and customer support.

A good web host is important in creating a successful website for two reasons:

For your visitors…nobody wants to type in their new favorite website to find it no longer loads, there are server errors or its extremely slow. With a reliable web host, your visitors should experience optimum speed and be able to load up any page on your site without long waiting times.

For Google…A faster website does better in the search rankings. If you have the right content, and an optimal speed, your site is more likely to reach the top of the rankings. Google now factors in site speed and reliability into its algorithms, so its important to keep your website as fast as possible.

5 WordPress Web Hosting Options for Bloggers
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That is why we have compiled a list of our 5 most loved web hosts for WordPress. They vary in price, offering both shared and private hosting, but with these hosts you should be able to maintain a speedy website that stays online.

5 WordPress Web Hosting Options for Bloggers

WP Engine

WP Engine is by far our top pick when it comes to WordPress web hosting. They have a 100 percent up time guarantee and are one of the few hosting companies dedicated to providing top notch WordPress web hosting services. WP Engine offers a personal plan, professional plan and a business plan. The personal plan is great for those just starting out, providing hosting for 1 WordPress installation and up to 25000 visitors a month. It might not sound like much, but considering when I purchased the plan, I was able to get everything up and running within a single day, have never had a downtime problem and have always had reliable speeds, I would say its all fair.

The professional and business plans are perfect for more serious bloggers and website owners. I have moved onto the professional plan myself, giving me 10 WordPress installations and 100,000 visits per month. They also offer a 60 day money back guarantee in case you aren’t 100% satisfied with their service.

The killer feature that WP Engine has over others is their backup system. Your websites are automatically backed up every day and can easily be restored exactly as they were. This is perfect for those who want to mess around and change things but don’t want to mess things up permanently. Not to mention, they also offer a ‘staging’ area for each of your sites. This lets you make changes in the staging area (a copy of your site where you can make changes before going live), then when you are happy with the changes, you can make them live. If you aren’t happy, you don’t have to push the changes made to be live.

The only downside to WP Engine is that they don’t sell domains. However, you can quickly and easily set up a domain purchased from another company for use with WP Engine. They have some great tutorials and guides that will get you going quickly and easily.


GoDaddy is another great hosting option for WordPress users. However, it is not recommended if you aim to reach a large amount of traffic. GoDaddy offers shared and professional hosting plans. Shared hosting is only recommended if you actually want your site to be slow. I would never go with shared hosting unless you just want a small website that is unlikely to attract many visitors, or are just wanting to test the waters. When it comes to professional hosting, GoDaddy improves substantially, but still cannot be compared to WP Engine when it comes to speed and reliability. GoDaddy does sell domains from as little as a dollar, making it a great way to purchase a domain, test out the waters with their cheaper shared hosting, and then switch to a better hosting plan using the same domain.


HostGator is another decent web hosting option for WordPress users. The plans are cheap, letting you quickly and easily host a WordPress website without spending too much money. HostGator returns fast response times and will work well for smaller sites. Their shared hosting plans are incredibly cheap, but again if you are serious about finding a good host, I would avoid shared hosting. HostGator also offers domains for purchase and like GoDaddy is a great way to test the waters before moving on to better hosting.Learn more about HostGator.


Another cheaper alternative to WP Engine is NameCheap. They offer great domain prices and make it quick and easy to set up a WordPress website. NameCheap prices are definitely their selling point. They are cheaper than most, but you are sacrificing reliability and speed for the most part. At first, sites set up with NameCheap perform well, until they reach larger volumes of traffic. NameCheap is another great option for starting out, but if your site blossoms you will find yourself needing a better host or a higher plan.Learn more about Name Cheap.


BlueHost offers unlimited hosting plans and personal or small business hosting packages from less than 5 dollars a month. They also offer premium business plans upwards of 70 dollars or reseller hosting from 25 dollars. Reseller hosting is great if you want to host unlimited domains, just like blogging sites do that allow their users to create their own subdomains. BlueHost also has some decent support and email hosting solutions.

When it comes to WordPress hosting, there are two ways to go. You can spend more and get more, or spend less and get less. That is the truth of the matter. You can’t go cheap on hosting because at the end of the day, the better hosting plan will provide a more reliable, faster and more user friendly website. That is why I recommend WP Engine. They offer fast speeds, expert WordPress support (they actually help me more than I would have thought) and their prices, while a little high for some, definitely match their quality service.

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