5 WordPress Tips to Make Your Blog Stand Out

5 WordPress Tips to Make Your Blog Stand OutThe popularity of blogging increasing.It is more important than ever to get those creative juices flowing when strategizing’ about how to get traffic to your blog. In my opinion, the successful bloggers have an innate sense of creativity and as a result, They are always coming up with new and innovative ways to spray the virtual pheromones that will ultimately attract their targeted crowd.in this article you will learn 5 WordPress tips  that will help you to make your blog attractive for search engines.So how can you compete?

Here are a few proven ways to get your blog noticed, by both search engines and soon-to-be, loyal readers.

5 WordPress Tips to Make Your Blog Stand Out

1. Custom Design Your Blog

This is relatively easy to do with Word Press due to the vast library of themes and templates they have.They provide various tools that allow you to tweak the design of your blog. One of the most coolest tools of Word Press  are the various plugins ,you can customize your blog with the help of these amazing plugins.They have literally thousands of plugins, that can be installed in seconds, and have tons of cool features such as:

Providing easy to use SEO tools, Ability to add social media icons ,Automatically generate a site map for your blog ,Incorporate blog statistics such as Google Analytics ,Sync with your affiliate accounts and advertising services such as Google Adsense and Amazon Associates.

2. Posts + Static = Success

One of the reasons Word Press sets itself apart from most other blogging platforms is that you can incorporate static pages in with your blog posts. Most other blogging platforms do not have the ability to create static pages; limiting you to just blogging. Word Press gives you the flexibility to not just create a blog, but generate a full-fledged website. Strapped with the tools to turn it into a money-generator!

For example, you could write a blog post reviewing all the wonderful benefits of  a product that you are selling. Insert a link into the post that will send readers to a static page you created where they can actually purchase your product.

3. Post Regularly, and Automatically

Search engines love new, quality content. It is for this reason that blogs do very well in search engine results when compared to static websites that rarely have updated content. WordPress has a great feature that allows you to write blog posts and schedule them to be published at a future date. One strategy many bloggers use is to set aside a block of time (usually on the weekends), write a dozen posts, and schedule them to be released through-out the following week. Now, your blog is generating new content while you are off doing something else; hopefully something fun!

4. RSS Feed it

RSS feeds (which stands for really simple syndication) are a great way to generate traffic and back links, as well as for people to subscribe to your blog posts. This way, subscribers can have access to your latest posts as you publish them; giving them real-time, updated content without having to go to your blog. WordPress automatically generates an RSS feed with your blog posts so all you have to do is encourage people to subscribe to your free RSS feed.

5. Make Friends, Join the WordPress Community

This tip does not involve anything that will directly change the look of your blog, but will go along way to giving you both ideas and help. Word Press has a fantastic forum community that is a great resource for finding out what other Word Press bloggers are doing to design there blogs. What are the latest and greatest plugins being used.

It is also a great place for FAQ and troubleshooting help. Most of the people in the community are very helpful and can assist you with questions you may have; whether it be how to upload a video into a post or issues with HTML coding. You definitely want to take advantage of this great resource.

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