2 Meta Tags Which Effect SEO Ranking Of Webpage

If someone thinks that by adding meta tags in a web page will increase search engine result page ranking rapidly, then the thinking is gone wrong. But meta tags helps the search engine and the visitor to understand that what the website or content is about. Meta tags are too good to store info about web page between opening and closing HTML head tags. Information mentioned in meta tags does not display on page in browser but still is useful for search engines to identify about the web page.

Meta tags are HTML’s official tags which are used to store information about the web page in form of text. This information is useful but hidden from the visitors. There are two main or basics meta tags which directly influence search engine result page ranking of web page. These two tags are briefly discussed below.

Meta Description Tags:

Meta description tags are of great importance in the field of search engine optimization. These tags store a short description of information about the whole of the article or webpage. Information or short description is used by search engine to show as search description under the title and link on search engine result page. Best practise in to use more then 100 and less then 155 characters or letters while writing a description.

How To Write Meta Description Tag:

<meta name=”description” content=”meta tags which influence SEO of a web page directly are meta keywords and meta description tags.” />


Examples of meta tags description in search
Example of meta description displayed by google in search result page.

Meta Keywords Tags:

It is said that meta keyword tags are now dead and have no more importance for SEO. But one the other hand search engines rank web page as spammy due to use of this tag. And the purpose of discussing meta keyword tags here is to inform you all about its fact that keywords meta tags should not use further on.and if you get ready made templates or themes, you may found meta keyword tags over there. So now you know the side effect of these tags, you should remove them fist before launching your site. Meta keyword tags look like as in following example.


<meta name=”keywords” content=”keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3…….” />

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